Back to regularly scheduled programming…kinda

all_star_logo_443x333Sorry for the lack in posts the last couple of days, I have been sick and doing my best in getting away from work/life for a couple days to rest up for the very eventful week ahead.  Just incase you hadn’t heard, we are hosting the Eastern League All-Star game this year, and we have already begun preparations.  Here is a schedule of what you can expect from the ThunderCast throughout the week (and notice the All-Star theme)…

TUESDAY:  A filler post of my interview with Jose Molina from his rehab stint with the Thunder a couple of weeks ago (All-Star ties = younger brother Yadier Molina is the starting NL catcher in the Major League All-Star Game)

WEDNESDAY:  I will be collecting sound and various clips/interviews from the All-Star game.  Next week after our homestand with Portland ends, I will start putting together a special clip package that will highlight all the top moments from this season’s 2009 Eastern League midsummer classic

THURSDAY-SUNDAY: Expect regularly scheduled programming including highlight’s from Trenton’s first series of the second half, a four-game set at Waterfront Park against Portland (All-Star ties = there are 7 combined Yankees and Red Sox participating in this year’s MLB All-Star Game…Youklis, Bay, Papelbon, Beckett, Rivera, Texeria and of course el capitan Derek Jeter

MONDAY:  After a long week of scurrying and working, I will finally have a second to throw all of my all-star sound together and produce a special All-Star edition of the ThunderCast, this one should be a doozie.  

….enjoy the rest of your All-Star “break”, and if you will be coming out for the game, be sure to check out the home run derby, I will be conducting interviews from field level with all of the participants.


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