An update on things…

*Photo courtesy of Rudy Jones

*Photo courtesy of Rudy Jones

I know it’s been over a week since the last podcast has been posted, however if you knew the crazy week that is has been here you will understand.  Today is the last day of an eight-day work week which started last Monday (July 13) and has spanned about 80+ hours.  Anyways now that the complaining is out of the way, let me fill you in on some things I have planned for the week.

MONDAY (today)- Starting to throw together some clips and highlights from the past week of action

TUESDAY – OFF!!!!!!!  First off day in 8 days, and I will definitely be enjoying it

WEDNESDAY – I plan on posting a new episode of the ThunderCast with some different features then the usual interviews and highlights.  It probably will resemble the “Top 5 Moments” feature that I posted earlier in the season.  It will definitely feature a montage of highlights from the very exciting walk off and come back victories the Thunder have earned in the past couple of weeks.  Should be a fun one.

THURSDAY and FRIDAY – Catch up on sleep/work and other random things, I will be posting back logged interviews and other fun stuff before the weekend.

….I hope that suffices for now.  It is crazy to think but we only have 21 more home games before the regular season ends.  Wow!

SIDENOTE – The picture above is one from the All-Star Game on July 15th.  I was on the field interviewing New Egypt High School baseball player Mike Fassl (winner of the HR Derby).


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